Technical Specifications


ISO9001:2008, ISO13485, AS9100C

The machining centers that are at our disposal are some of the most up-to-date in the world and are manufactured in Switzerland and Germany. Utilization of advanced machining technologies enables us to achieve the utmost precision in the most complex assignments.

From the inventory of equipment at our disposal, we can mention the following:

• 5 axis milling machines
• 3 axis lathes
• 7 axis milling /lathes machines
• Area, round and 5 axis CNC grinders
• Electro erosion (EDM) machines for cutting with wire and settling
• Laser marking, welding and cutting.

Technological possibilities for CNC machining:

• Precision: 0.001 mm
• Surface quality: N3 – N4 (according to the standard)
• Maximum size of item for milling: 450 X 350 X 350 mm
• Maximum diameter of item for turning: 220 mm
• Minimum thickness that can be processed: 0.03 – 0.05 mm
• Minimum diameter that can be processed: 0.3 mm

Technological possibilities for Laser processing

• Laser cutting up to 0.03 mm, 4 axes
• Fine and micro welding, 4 axes
• Laser marking, 4 axes

Technological possibilities for grinding:

CNC shape grinding on 5 axes
• Length from 0.5 to 220 mm
• Minimum diameter 2.5 mm
• Precision 0.001 mm

Centerless grinding
• Maximum length: 1.5 m
• Minimum diameter: 2.5 mm
• Precision: 0.01 mm

Round grinding
• Maximum length: 500 mm
• Diameter from 3 to 200 mm
• Precision: 0.001 mm

Area grinding
• Table size: 480 X 168 mm
• Precision: 0.001 mm

Technological possibilities in Electro Erosion (EDM)

• Cutting with wire, including cutting at an angle, up to a height of 400 mm
• Cutting simultaneously on 6 axes (for cutting spirals) and cutting angles up to 800 per side
• Drilling bores from 0.4 mm diameter, up to a height of 400 mm
• Minimum corner radius in special wire cutting: 0.06 mm
• Groove cutting from 0.10 mm
• Precision: 0.005 mm

From the wide variety of materials with which we work daily, we can mention:

All types of stainless steel, tungsten, vidia (cemented carbide), kovar, invar, wolfram, magnesium, ceramics, zirconia, glass, different types of plastic, composite materials and so on…