Machining is an industrial production process in which the excess material is removed from a block of raw material large enough to contain the entire final product, with the assistance of machining equipment, such as lathes or milling machines, to the level of precision of up to one thousandth of a millimeter.


Electro Erosion


Processing by means of electro erosion is a procedure whose principle of action is an electric discharge that generates a spark between the item being processed and an electrode. Consequently the electro erosion process can only be implemented on electricity conducting materials.




Sharpening (Grinding) is a process utilizing tools built with or coated with abrasive materials. Sharpening is useful for exterior processing of cylindrical, shaped and flat surfaces. Furthermore, sharpening is useful for interior processing of bores and also processing very hard and tempered materials.




Laser processing technology is utilized for a wide range of industries. A laser is utilized in this technology for cutting various materials. The procedure involves focusing a high capacity laser beam, by means of a computer, on the surface of the material intended for cutting.



Shimshon Fine Mechanics Ltd – Computerized Machining Factory

As a leading company in extremely precise machining, “Shimshon” focuses on the manufacture of advanced products for Civil Aviation, Medical Systems, Electro-Optics, Orthopedic and Dental implants and surgery tools industries.

CNC centers with 5 axes, 7 axes and more that are at our disposal are some of the most up-to-date in the world and are manufactured in Switzerland and Germany. Utilization of advanced machining technologies enables us to achieve the utmost precision in the most complex assignments, and with all known materials, together with the capability to manufacture at the same degree of quality and precision not only a single item but also 1,000 or more.

Since its establishment in 1989, our company has been positioned at the technological and professional peak, thanks also to the staff of dedicated employees, numbering about 30 highly experienced and competent professionals in the field of machining, who have undergone advanced training in Switzerland and Germany.

In order to ensure the levels of quality required by our customers, all the company’s procedures comply with the highest standards of the ISO9001-2008, Aviation Standards AS9100C and the Medical Standard ISO13485.

From an understanding of the requirements of the customer and a desire to provide the best possible service, the proprietors of the company – Nurit and Shimshon Azizi recently purchased supplementary technologies for machining, and at present we specialize in the following fields:

-  CNC: Milling and machining in 5 axes, 7 and more axes.
-  Laser processing: Welding, marking and cutting.
-  Grinding: Shape grinding in 5 axes, area, round
-  Electro-erosion (EDM): Cutting with wire, embedding and deep drilling.